We can save you money, help you move on from your house faster, and possibly get your full asking price!  

      • What would you say if we could show you how you can move your house faster, get full asking price, potentially avoid paying any Realtor commissions, get above market rents, not have to worry about maintenance and repairs, and receive on-time rent every month?
      • Why not Lease Purchase your home to someone who wants to own a home, but may not currently qualify for a mortgage?
      • The best part is that you risk nothing by enrolling your home in our Lease Purchase Program. You may even continue listing your home with a Realtor, and if they sell before we do then you owe us nothing!
      • We know what you’re probably thinking – why should I let you lease option my home for me when I can do it myself and pocket the option money? We believe that we can help you lease your home faster and to a better tenant-buyer than if you go it alone.  Because we have done this with so many homes (we have been doing this since the last housing crisis of 2008), we have a great deal of experience in putting together winning deals.  Further, we have developed an huge database of clients who are looking to Lease Purchase a home right now. There are always way more people wanting homes than we have available! There is a huge imbalance between the supply and demand of Lease Purchase homes. In fact, only 2% of all homes listed for sale on the MLS right now are available for Lease Purchase (and most Realtors have no idea how to set them up properly).
      • Our tenant-buyers aren’t just looking for somewhere to move – they are serious about home ownership. If they aren’t serious, then they aren’t a candidate for our program. 
    • Note: We may or may not act as your real estate agent in these transactions, depending on the level of service. We are investors who specialize in lease options.  We have successfully lease optioned many of our own properties, as well as numerous properties for others, whether they are investors, firms, or “mom & pop” home sellers.   

Get Started Now

So, you’d like to sell your home?  Perhaps you’ve had it listed for awhile.  Or maybe you don’t want to pay realtor commissions?  Or perhaps you’d rather just keep more money in your own pocket?
We can help!

With our expertise in lease option, seller financing, and other alternatives to a traditional sale, and our huge network of prospective buyers and investors, we can stop the financial hemorrhage fast!

You choose which option works best for you!
If you are open to a non-traditional sale, carry back financing, or lease option terms, we can usually offer you much better pricing than what you would net in a traditional sale.  And possibly much faster, too.  In some cases, we may be able to take over your monthly payments, even if your home is “underwater”.  We can also offer to pay all cash and close quickly.
The first step is to complete the property information sheet.  (Ask us for the form.) This form gives us the necessary information so that we can research the property and establish value, as well as help answer the prospective tenant-buyer’s questions about your home.
If you wish to send photographs of your home (in most cases, we can come out and take professional photographs) we prefer that you upload your photos on DropBox and send us the link.  Let us know when you get to that point.  Typically, we like to have photos of the Front and Back of your house as well as the kitchen, family room, master bedroom and master bath. Of course, anything that is particularly attractive in your home will be helpful!
We can usually get started marketing your property right away!  We have thousands of people in our database that are looking to move into a Lease Option Home immediately, so the sooner you get us the information we need, the sooner we can find someone who will take care of your house like it’s their own.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sell or Lease Option your home to the professionals at Evergreen Lease Option and the Evergreen Success Group, and free yourself from the burden of your monthly payments!!