ac — Maybe have it serviced to check out the ice that the inspection guy said.  





attic – loose connections –

bathroom 4

bathroom 4


Clean and put a liner in it.  or paint.

Bedroom 2  – Marks from curtain hooks?  Hard to touch up to match paint.  


Bedroom 3 —  Hard to know what might be needed here.  

Bedroom 4

Paint?  Hard to really tell.

The Carpeted bathroom — Ug.  Tile or LVP.  There is tile in the toilet area and bath area.  Pretty common tile, should be pretty easy to match.  

The inspection guy mention mold or mildew.  clean if the rest of the paint is fine.  

mold or mildew


Closet — light cover.  

The X’s are probably to keep the birds from flying into the windows.  Remove, because otherwise people will wonder what they’re for or perhaps think there’s problems with the windows.  

May want to put blocks under the drain spouts to direct water.  Most people are not going to see this, however an inspector will.  May also need to replace the bent downspouts.  

Front door.  The inspector didn’t mention this, however it may need to be oiled or restained.  

Patio door.  I think you know the problems here.  These particular doors can be rather expensive.  I think a good handyman can fix to make them look good.  Repaint.  

This is probably the door to the downstairs bathroom.  It is probably salvagable.   Garage just needs a good cleaning.  

Retape and paint this area only.  Not really necessary to paint the entire garage.  

tape and repaint the water damaged area.   not necessary to paint the entire garage.  

Replace door to bathroom.  Paint this area?  Clean

patch and paint.  

Probably just needs a good cleaning.  Would not replace the appliances, unless you cannot get them clean.  Definitely would consider painting the pantry a different color to blend with the rest of the room.  

I know the inspector mentioned there was evidence of water damage, although he didn’t say there was water present.  I’d first clean it real well.  Have the cleaning person run a lot of water and see if there’s any leaks.  Possibly put a liner on the bottom of the cabinet.  

the inspector mentioned a splash guard.  I would personally not pull the disposal out to replace that.  

Clean thoroughly and check for leaks.  

The cabinets actually look to be in ok shape.  A good cleaning (some kind of cabinet cleaner and polish will probably make them look really good.  

Laundry room may just need a good cleaning.  And probably doesn’t need paint.  

definitely would not replace the washer and dryer.  Most people have their own and/or are very picky about the type of WD they have.  

May just consider painting this wall an accent color.  

Living room.  Repair sheet rock and probably paint the whole room or just that wall in an accent color?  The problem with old paint is that it’s just so difficult to match and make it look good.  A qualified painter can tell you more.  

patch and paint

Primary Bath — Needs a really good cleaning.  Faucets are really worn and tarnished.  (Green it may be able to be cleaned, don’t know.  )

mirror is very aged.  See the dark lines above the backsplash.  Not sure what to do with that.  

Might use Scott’s Liquid Gold on the Cabinets. 

The stairs look really good.  If you can get by without not recarpeting the stairs, that might be good.  Except again, you may have issues with matching the landing at the top of the stairs.  Also the pad will feel different.  

A painter can probably tell you how to fix that.  

Primary bedroom.  Get rid of the “peach” area.  (Window well.)  A note to make is that because all the photographs in the inspection are of super varying quality, it’s hard to tell what the paint quality actually is.  Also, has anyone ever smoked in the home?  If so, I’d really consider painting the whole thing, and of course removing all the carpet.  

Replace the baseboard.  Paint.  The Teal Bathroom needs to be painted a more neutral color.  

More of that green stuff on the bottom of the faucet.  Could possibly be brass that’s oxidized.  Maybe Barkeeper’s Friend?  Again, I don’t know.  

Clean and line the bottom.  I think the inspector mentioned possible water damage.  It’s probably more from cleaning materials stored improperly.  

Drain is very worn.  Another reason to replace the faucets.  

Door frame.  May be easier to just replace the door.  

Unless the neighbors just ran their sprinklers a lot, I’d be concerned about where the water’s coming from.  If it is just a drainage problem, gravel will solve a lot of the water issue.