Are you dreaming of buying a nice home in a nice neighborhood, but credit or other issues are holding you back?  We solve that!  With our Lease Option program, we can help you make your dream of home ownership come true. If you can manage a reasonable down payment and the monthly payments, you are in a good position to qualify today for a lease option home.

With our powerful Lease Option program, you can move into your new home today, lock in a price, and have time to qualify and shop for the best for traditional financing later.

Does one of these situations applies to you?

  • self-employed
  • short job history
  • past or present financial problems
  • collections or judgements
  • bankruptcy
  • foreclosure
  • short sale

Don’t worry, these problems won’t scare us!

We can guide you in the process to rebuild your credit!  You may even be eligible to earn monthly rent credits towards the purchase price of your new home! This means that each and every month you will be saving money towards the purchase of your home, and you can stop wasting your money on rent!

The fastest way to get into your own new home is to start the process now.  Contact us today. Complete the Buyer’s List Form where you can us a little about yourself and your situation, as well as what you are looking for, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to give you more information and answer any questions you may have.

Note:  While we have real estate agents on our team, we may or may not act as an agent in these transactions, depending on the ownership status of the property.  We are investors who specialize in lease option and structured finance transactions.