Evergreen Lease Option


victoriaLike many small businesses, we started with a simple dream of making life better for our customers.  Our goal is to solve real estate and financial problems for people who are currently underserved by traditional institutions.  We have changed our DBA name from Lease Option Seattle to Evergreen Lease Option, to better reflect our mission, our vision, and our clientele.


If you have recently tried to sell a home, you realize that the pool of qualified buyers is rather small, with many other homes competing for their attention and dollars.

If you’d like to buy a home, you understand that today’s market is highly competitive, and the current lending standards make it extremely difficult to get into a home.


Evergreen definition:


  1. Perennially fresh or interesting; enduring


  1. Something that remains fresh, vital, interesting, applicable, etc.; timeless
  2. an evergreen, or timeless, person or thing

 Evergreen Advisors, Inc., DBA Lease Option Seattle, Evergreen Lease Option, Evergreen Success, Evergreen Success Events, and Evergreen Mentor.




At Evergreen Advisors, Inc. we have a mission to provide solutions for financial problems, and create exceptional value for our clients.  We do this by collaborating with finance and other professionals we know, and partners we trust, in supporting our communities, and creating meaningful relationships with those around us.




Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people we serve.